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Saving Faith - Trailer


Industry members: If you would like to watch the full version of this show then please complete a short form to request access. Request Access Here - Synopsis 2017 | 28 mins | Colour | Dolby 5.1 Factual Entertainment Once the church used to be at the heart of British community, but now across the country congregations are dwindling and church doors are closing. Meanwhile, US mega churches have adopted modern marketing techniques to sell out stadiums and raise millions. So is American big business the answer to the Church of England’s prayers? Or is the almighty dollar a false prophet? Each week we bring an American mega church business consultant to a different struggling CoE parish. With just one month to change the church’s fortunes, could US business be the church’s saviour? Presenter/Cast/Judges Stephane Cornicard - Voiceover Alvin Hall - Presenter Rev. Camilla Walton - Priest Carly Wildman - Church Administrator Peter Simmonds - General Factotum Joanna Lidell, Xandie Butler - Church Volunteers Dan Blythe - Hillsong Pastor Anna Bauer - Yoga Instructor Stan the Funky Latino - Salsa Instructor Jemma Carman, Damian Scott - Pole Fitness Instructor With thanks to: Hillsong, and the Red Lion Pub, Beaconsfield Graduating Crew Alex Dizer - Producer John Higgins - Director Del Nadjafi, Kartik Ralhan, Julie Roque, Matt Murnaghan - Cameras Thomas Doran - Gaffer Sorcha Bradford - Production Manager Aaron Hillier - Production Co-Ordinator Emilio Pascual, James de Taranto, Keith Morrison - Sound Recordists Sashko Potter Micevski - Sound Editor & Dubbing Mixer Rebecca Dale - Theme Composer & Conductor Matthew Peters - Composer & Sound Recordist Kelvin Chim - Graphic Designer Jakob Lundbye - Motion Graphics Vlad Barin - Colourist & Online Editor Fiona Donald, Tom Day, Ian Packard (NFTS graduates 2016) - Camera Operators

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