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Snatched - Trailer


Industry members: If you would like to watch the full version of this show then please complete a short form to request access. Request Access Here - 25mins 17secs | 2019 | Colour Synopsis Two Smartphone obsessed contestants have their phones ‘Snatched’ and they’ll compete against each other with the help of their friends to win them back. The winner will save their phone while the loser will watch as theirs is destroyed. Presenter - Simi Egbejumi-David Contestants/Friends Jourdan Robson- Lawrence Heather Jayne Fabien Rees-Dennemont Curtess Samuels Graduating Crew Director - Jared Frazer Producer - William Lockwood Cameras - Sean Emmanuel, Tom Day, Blanca Huguet Assistant Director - Sarah Couprie Production Manager - Megan Randle Production Co-Ordinator - Madeleine Sara Sound Recordists - Bálint Csáki, Carys Ellis, Yuanbo (Robert) Chen Composer - Darryl O’Donovan Sound Designer/Dubbing Mixer - Adam Shuttleworth Colourist And Online Editor - Michael Pearce

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