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The Wolf of Custer - Trailer


Industry members: If you would like to watch the full version of this film then please complete a short form to request access. Request Access Here - 2023 | 7mins 20secs Synopsis The townsfolk of Custer speak of a legendary wolf, but a hunter is confident he can kill the creature and end these tall tales once and for all. He sets off on the hunt but soon begins to understand the power of stories and his part within them. Graduating Crew Director/Animator - Tanya J Scott Producer - Tid┼ża Karup Screenwriters - Jack Maraghy, Tanya J Scott Cinematographer - Jack Hamilton Production Designer - Yujia Huang Production Manager - Margaret Tsoi Editor - Tommaso Di Paola Sound Recordist/Sound Designer/Dubbing Mixer - Simon Panayi Composer - Max Uldahl Lead Compositor - Chris Bowles VFX Supervisor/Colourist/Online Editor - Karolina Matela Cast/Voices HP Williams, Patron - James Sobol Kelly Granny - Tara Hugo

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