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Left Behind - Trailer


Industry members: If you would like to watch the full version of this film then please complete a short form to request access. Request Access Here - 2022 | 27mins 06 secs Synopsis Antonio Bayo Munuera left his family in Spain to volunteer in the YPG – the militia fighting against the genocide in Northern Syria and Iraq. To what extent can we pursue our ideals when they clash with our responsibilities? Graduating Crew Director - Matteo Crescenzi Producer - Elena Valeri Additional Cinematography - Wouter Verheul Production Manager - Tania Louro Perez Sound Recordist - Benjamin Schweimler Ricca Editor - Jon Crook Sound Designer/Dubbing Mixer - Alex Hübner Composer - Mathilde Koechlin Colourist/Online Editor - Vanessa Aparicio

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