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The Archipelago - Trailer


Industry members: If you would like to watch the full version of this film then please complete a short form to request access. Request Access Here - Synopsis 2015 | 40 mins 50 secs | Colour | Dolby Digital Faroese with English subtitles The Faroe Islands: a gathering of dramatically weathered islands in the vast North Atlantic Sea with a community in transition. While it is a society connected to modern norms and technologies, it is also a place where people and nature are intrinsically interlinked. For centuries the Faroese have proudly lived mainly off the natural resources at their immediate disposal – a pact between mankind and the wilderness based on balance and self-sustainability. Remaining true to traditional methods of sustainability, the modern Faroese continue to hunt the pilot whales. This noncommercial, but controversial practice has long been under the scrutiny of western society, and now the international community is stepping in. This film is a portrait of a nation that for many years has lived undisturbed, but is now forced to explain and defend their way of living, as the International NGO Sea Shepherd announces its largest anti-whaling campaign to date. The clash between these two opposing ecological visions could very well change the face of the archipelago forever. Graduating Crew Director/Producer/Cinematographer - Benjamin Huguet Additional Producer - Kamilla Kristiane Hodøl Editor - Neil Lenthall Sound Recordist - Natasha Roper (NFTS Graduate 2014) Sound Editor & Re-recording Mixer - Robert Malone Composer - Antonio Nardi Online Editor & Colour Grader - Alex Peters

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