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Filly The Kid - Game Trailer


Synopsis 2016 | PC Game Filly The Kid is a puzzle-platformer adventure game set in the American Old West, with a twist: You'll be trading in your spurs for hooves, as you play as Filly, a young horse on the trail of a notorious gang of outlaws led by the fearsome gun-toting Three-Toed Thorough. Lasso your way through the canyons of Paydirt County, or drop to all fours for a full gallop through the desert. Filly the Kid is both a celebration of the golden years of platforming and a fresh new take on the genre, with bandits, brawls and a whole lot of horses. Graduating Crew Designer/Developer - Ellie Silkstone Producer - Jake Riley-Hunte Writer - Jenna Jovi Production Designers - Declan O’Brien, Owen Robertson, Jan Gronczewski 3D Environment Artist - Stevie Gill Sound Designer - Annie Lloyd Additional Sound Design - Zoltan Juhasz Composer - Tim Morrish

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