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Falling Sky - Game Teaser


Synopsis 2018 PC Falling Sky is a bold cinematic game set across the sprawling landscape of American suburbia. We follow Daniel and his younger brother Tommy as they embark on a quest to solve the mystery of their mother’s disappearance. With only a series of cryptic messages to guide them, the brothers set off on a dangerous quest to discover the truth. Cast STEPHANE CORNICARD Officer Maloney JOSH BURDETT Daniel CHRISTY MEYER Rachel LUCIEN STEPHENS Tommy Filmmakers Role Department JONATHAN NIELSSEN Designer/Developer Games Design & Development NIKOLAI SAVOV Producer Producing MOHSEN SHAH Story/Writer Screenwriting ROZ GREGOIRE Concept Artist, Production/Graphics & Titles Designer Production Design BREEN TURNER Sound Designer Sound Design for Film and Television SEYMOUR MILTON Composer Composing for Film and Television ZSOFIA SZEMEREDY Marketing & PR Marketing, Distribution, Sales & Exhibition

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