The Mayflower – Trailer

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DFX Gorefest Production 2017.

Based on an original idea by Neill Gorton

Filmmakers Role Department
Chris Goodman Director Digital Effects
Nikolay Savov Producer Producing
Benjamin Farry Writer Screenwriting
Samuel Hunt Producer Digital Effects
Jon Muschamp Cinematographer Cinematography
David Tinto Production Designer Production Design
Mdhamiri A Nkemi Editor Editing
Sam Boulton Sound Designer & Re-recording Mixer Sound Design for Film and Television
Thibault Chavanis Composer Composing for Film and Television
Oliver Buus -Pedersen VFX Supervisor Digital Effects
Beatriz De La Osa VFX Producer Digital Effects
Laura Dart, Niall Harty CG Artists Digital Effects
Samuel Hunt, Thomas Hurd CG Artists Digital Effects
Amy Gibson, Baitong Monseu Compositors Digital Effects
Oliver Buus-Pedersen, Robert Gittings Compositors Digital Effects
Hugh Howlett Colourist & Online Editor Digital Effects
07 Aug 17

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