Tête-à-Tête – Trailer

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2017 8 mins Colour Dolby Digital Hand Drawn/Cut Out/Stop-motion

A young woman visits her family. Over the weekend tensions fray, whilst technology provides an easy respite.

As her gaze shifts from the screen, she discovers a deeper kind of connection.


  • Lisa Diveney Kerri
  • Amber Aga Alex
  • Ross Forder Steve
  • Rosy Levine Ana
Filmmakers Role Department
Natasha Tonkin Director/Writer/Designer Directing Animation
Rae Erlingsdóttir Producer Producing
Donna Wade Cinematographer Cinematography
Daniella Rice Production Manager Production Management for Film & Television
Fiona Brands Editor Editing
Sashko Potter Micevski Sound Designer & Re-recording Mixer Sound Design for Film and Television
David Sheldon Compositor/Colourist & Online Editor Digital Effects
Naomi Mclean Composer Non-graduating Crew
Lindsay Douglas, Sophie Lamb Set Decorators Non-graduating Crew
Romany Ghani Costume Maker Non-graduating Crew
Kieran Nolan Jones Production Co-Ordinator Non-graduating Crew
Daniel Kutcher Stills Photographer Non-graduating Crew
20 Feb 17

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