Have Some – Clip

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A BFI Film Academy Film (c)NFTS 2017


Princess doesn’t say much. She loves her Dad, but charity does not always start at home.


  • James Hyland Daryl
  • David Doyle Clive
  • Nimisha Odedra Tali
  • Aneta Piotrowska Jaelle
  • Kaitlynd Cela Princess
Filmmakers Role
Emma Wise Director
Jethro Robathan Writer
Kerry Allan, Louis Thomson Producers
Francis Pesquera, Sam O’Neill Cinematographers
Aidan Sharples, Natalia Adamou Sound Recordists
Amy Jobe Production Designer
Pip Watkins, Rosie-Anne Wright Editors
Lewis Arnold Lead Tutor
28 Apr 17

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