Don’t Think of a Pink Elephant – Trailer

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*2017 7 mins 44 secs Colour Dolby Stereo

Pink Elephant enters the world of a girl who has to fight against compulsions brought on by anxiety. Layla is terrified by her potential to do harm, until she is challenged to find that she can trust herself.


  • Molly Clarke Layla
  • Oliver Cunliffe-Davies Naz
  • Susan Clarke Mum
Filmmakers Role Department
Suraya Raja Director/Writer/Animator Directing Animation
Rebecca Smith Producer Producing
Shane Crowley Additional Dialogue Screenwriting
Anna MacDonald Cinematographer Cinematography
Tom Coxon Production Designer Production Design
Camille Cheneval, Jana Kovacova Production Managers Production Management for Film and Television
Aurora Vögeli Editor Editing
Mark Bailey Sound Editor & Re-recording Mixer Sound Design for Film and Television
Matthew Peters Composer Composing for Film and Television
Gillian Simpson VFX Supervisor Digital Effects
Shivani Shah, Kelvin Chim, Jakob Lundbye, Guillem Guardiola, Alex Rogozea CG Artists Digital Effects
Bijun Zhuge Colourist & Online Editor Digital Effects
Daniel Amar Ferrús, Mole Hill Additional Animation Non-Graduating Crew
20 Feb 17

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