Comeback Kid – Trailer

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2017 16 mins 45 secs Colour Dolby Digital

16-year-old Hugh thinks he’s in a nice, normal, coming-of age story when a past life’s unsatisfied urges make him want to sleep with his girlfriend’s mum and kill her dad. He finds it all very confusing.


  • Tom Cawte Hugh
  • Emma Beattie Carol
  • Olivia Sawbridge Jenny
  • Neil Stewart Alistair
  • Ross Armstrong David
Filmmakers Role Department
Ian Robertson Director Directing Fiction
Nathan Craig Producer Producing
Sam Steiner Writer Screenwriting
Jon Muschamp Cinematographer Cinematography
Ana Martinez Fernández Production Designer Production Design
Damián Galán Álvarez Art Director Production Design
Jana Kovacova Production Co-Ordinator Production Management for Film & Television
Zsofia Tálas Editor Editing
Kirsty Wright Production Sound Mixer Sound Recording for Film and Television
Hosea Ntaborwa 1st Assistant Sound Sound Recording for Film and Television
Maddie Quarm 2nd Assistant Sound Sound Recording for Film and Television
Michalianna Theofanopoulou Sound Editor & Re-recording Mixer Sound Design for Film and Television
Hollie Buhagiar Composer Composing for Film and Television
Bijun Zhuge VFX Artist/Compositor Digital Effects
Suhyeon Kim CG Artist Digital Effects
David Sheldon Colourist & Online Editor Digital Effects
Peter Coulthard Art Director Non-graduating Crew
Lucy Jenkins, Sooki McShane Casting Directors Non-graduating Crew
Ewan Stewart 1st AD Non-graduating Crew
20 Feb 17

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