Against All Odds – Trailer

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2017 28 mins 52 secs Colour Dolby Stereo Action-Adventure Game Show

How far would you push yourself for the chance to win £100,000?

In Against All Odds, five ordinary strangers each choose one of five locked bags – four contain blank paper, one contains £100,000 in cash. Over three days the team must carry their bags on an epic journey across some of the UK’s toughest natural landscapes for the chance to split the money at the finish line.

Who will have the grit to make it to the end? Who will be broken by the unforgiving forces of nature? And will the contestant carrying the money even cross the finish line?


  • Matt Lanigan Narrator
Filmmakers Role Department
Lucy Smith Producer Producing and Directing Television Entertainment
Jamie Minty Director Producing and Directing Television Entertainment
Mostyn Maltpress, Matt Murnaghan, Julie Rocque Cameras Broadcast Production
Izzie Dowden, Lawrence Phillips Production Managers Production Management for Film & Television
Sophie Halton Production Co-Ordinator Production Management for Film & Television
Hosea Ntaborwa, Nick Olorenshaw, Rory Rea Location Sound Production Sound for Film and Television
Mark Bailey Dubbing Mixer Sound Design for Film and Television
Sam Boulton Sound Editor Sound Design for Film and Television
Louis Dodd Composer Composing for Film and Television
Kelvin Chim Graphics Digital Effects
David Sheldon Colourist & Online Editor Digital Effects
Daniel Davies (NFTS Graduate 2012) Editor Non-graduating Crew
Simon Gee 1st AD Non-graduating Crew
Robert Foster Camera Supervisor Non-graduating Crew
Webster Mugavazi, Robin Pagnanelli, Miranda Soar Assistant Producers Non-graduating Crew
20 Feb 17

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